Skilled Assistant Jobs

Assistable is highly focused on recruiting Skilled Assistants as contractors that work from home for their clients, but before you apply let's first look at what it means to be a skilled assistant and who the work's best suited for.

The Remote Working Trend

Over the past five years there has been significant growth in remote jobs, and an increasing number of companies are willing to employ people on this basis.  This trend is largely driven by the millennial generation with a strong desire for flexible work on their terms.

The Advantages of Working Remotely

Working remotely as a skilled assistant has advantages that are different for everyone but here are some of the most common, and lesser known ones.

Advantages for the Client and Skilled Assistant

  1. No transportation costs or time wasted traveling to and from work
  2. Much lower costs for clients, no desk, no heat, light or building to pay for
  3. Remote workers don't need work shoes, work clothes and trips to lunch
  4. No interruptions, gossip and office drama leads to higher productivity
  5. No office equipment and stationary for clients to buy
  6. Higher quality communication all round improves outcomes
  7. No long-term commitment for both parties
  8. Clients save money overall, workers earn more
  9. Workers can quickly switch between working and learning

The bottom line.  It's a win win situation for client and worker and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages which can easily be overcome with self-discipline and a health work-life balance.  Skilled Assistants that work remotely have the big advantage of flexibility, allowing time.

Distributed Workforces are The Future of Work

Remote working is gaining so much traction so quickly that it's just a matter of time before most people are doing it.  The cost-savings are massive and businesses with traditional offices and overheads will find it increasingly difficult to compete with smart businesses that go all-in on a distributed workforce.

Equality for Skilled Assistants

There's no discrimnation in a skilled assistant workforce, clients don't care what your skin color, shape, size, sexual orientation or how good looking you are or aren't.  The focus is on "skills", it's totally about what a skilled assistant can do, not who they are.

Decentralized workforces will lead to better financial outcomes for the masses.

How to Become a Skilled Assistant

It's very simple, click on the link below and give it a try.  The upside is great.

Become a Skilled Assistant